Riding Gears & Clothing

Riding Gear & packing list for Himalayas, South India & Rajasthan
Right & proper riding gear & clothing list is very important for a tour. India is a diverse country with different temperature in different region from Himalaya to South India & in Rajasthan. We are giving brief introductions regarding riding gear & clothing. We are giving riding gear explanation according to destination below.

Himalayas (Leh Ladakh, Lahaul Spiti Valley & Himachal Pradesh)
Himalayan region has a different variation in temperature from 30 degree to -5 degree depending on region to region. You need to arrange riding gear & clothing list accordingly. Below is the details regarding to riding gear & clothing list for every tour.

Weather about Rajasthan-
Rajasthan has very tropical weather from 30 degree to 10 degree in day time. According to weather condition in Rajasthan you have to change riding gear when temperature increases in sunshine. It is better to carry all riding gear & when temperature increase you can change riding gear & keep remaining riding gear in support vehicle.

Weather in South India-
South India also has different temperature level because South India has both types of destinations from mountains to more hot plain area. In the mountains of South India have very pleasant temperature & have cold weather especially in the mornings & in the evenings. Whereas plain area has more hot weather specially close to beaches. You must carry all riding gear for the tour to South India & in the plain area you can remove excess riding gear & you can keep this riding gear in the support vehicle.

Helmet: Compulsory on tour. Good to have well face protected & ventilation, Face Mask with neck cover is good for dust & cold wind on high altitudes
Jacket: Water/wind proof with armored fitted is much better
Riding Pant: Armored riding pant with water/wind proof is very good for water crossing
Boots: Riding boots with water proof is good
Groves: 2 pair is advisable. 1 for summer type & 1 for cold wind on high altitude

Some more useful items for the motorcycle tour

  • Sunglass with UV protection.
  • Warm & cool socks.
  • Thermal Inner is good for cold nights in camp to keep you warm.
  • Shorts (Half pant), good for Delhi & low altitude in day & good as a layer under pant in cold.
  • Hat, especially if you are bald.
  • Backpack for your valuables, documents, money & water bottle.
  • If you have weak back, kidney belt is useful.
  • Basic first aid fit, any regular medicine you need.
  • 2 Passport size photos.
  • Lip balm, sun screen lotion or cream. It is very dry.
  • Head torch for camps.
  • Rain suit (if you have space in the luggage).
  • Whiskey for us.